A bit of our work

A place to dream: Guidance program for asylum seekers

Just prior to the COVID-19 era, Lamerhav started a mentoring program for young adults of asylum seekers status. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, all sessions were moved to online. Through a process of joint learning,
the melavim (mentors) and young adults have managed to create a sphere for feelings, dreams and a sense of belonging that the young adults truly lacked. Asya Aldema, who works as the program’s coordinator,
tells us about this exciting and
meaningful process.

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Hotline for discharged lone soldiers

The ‘Shivilim Bamerhav’ (Paths) Program and Hotline for discharged lone soldiers is directed by Shani Ariel Lomas. The program provides telephone counseling and guidance to discharged lone soldiers without a family support network. Shani shares her experience in this article.

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Financial mentoring – more relevant than ever!

The Financial mentoring training for counselors from the South was opened in May. The training was led by Adi Landau, CFO, and Natan Gelman, the professional director at Lamerhav, as part of the learning program of ‘Working Together Initiative’. At the end, the counselors will be able to provide financial guidance to young adults.

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Happy passover and a few words from our young adults

“For me, Lamerhav is a house and support network. At Lamerhav I get support of all kinds, from listening, financial assistance, and help making important decisions like what to study and where to live. It eases me to know that even though I don’t have a strong family that can give me what I need, I have Lamerhav and my mentor that are always there for me.”

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Closer than ever: support and mentoring in light of the corona virus

It is important for us to share that Lamerhav has decided to maintain business as usual just
remotely. The support we give to our young adults without family backing is more important now
than ever and we cannot risk moving to emergency mode.
The current crisis is a challenge for everyone, but even more for our young adults who lack any
family support (financial and emotional) or a strong social network.

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Opening of the academic training program for mentors working with young adults

On March 12th, we opened the academic training program for our staff members working with young adults at the Ruppin Academic Center. This is truly a unique and groundbreaking program. 15 of our employees, who had started this program, learned in the first meeting about their future learning process. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, as of the second session, all contents were communicated regularly through the distance learning system created by the Ruppin Center.

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