Our Guidance and Support Model

At the heart of Lamerhav’s work is a unique methodology which enables young adults to improve their lives and change their future.

The model is based on three principles:

 Long term guidance and support – over the course of eight years, during the ages 20-30.

 Personalized guidance and support – a program is individually tailored for each young adult according to their needs and ambitions.

 Social guidance and support – creating a supportive social network.

Long term guidance and support

The process consists few elements:

  1. Access to general information: Providing information and ways to access Lamerhav’s

services using digital tools. 

 In-depth mentoring: This is the heart of Lamerhav’s project. It is designed to create a

personal and group support system to meet the specific needs of each young adult
without family support in the program during her/his transition into adulthood.
 This mentoring model is comprised of the following three parts:

  •  One-on-one mentoring: Sessions with a personal Melaveh who builds a work
    plan specific to the young adult’s needs and guides him/her from week to
    week as they implement the plan, together. This one-on-one mentoring lasts
    at least two years – critical years in the individual’s life development – and
    focuses on:
    Practical skills/needs: Integrating into occupational settings, trainings
    and education, guidance in navigating government bodies/organizations,  realizing rights, responsible financial behavior, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                       – Interpersonal skills/needs: building and maintaining relationships, coping in a group atmosphere, cultivating a sense of belonging, networking, etc.  
  • Group activities: Group activities for young adults without family support designed to developing social connections and provide educational trainingtrainings, (such as preparation for military service, budgeting and financial responsibility, finding and managing living arrangements, occupational trainings, exposure to opportunities, etc.) and developing social

connections. Instrumental assistance and contact with outside actors: financial assistance and support, guidance in realizing eligibility for services and benefits, referrals to testing and treatment bodies, etc.

3. Community support networks: Following a young adult’s completion of the one-on-
one mentoring track, she/he is integrated into one of the following communities for a
continued support network:
-Lamerhav Community: Consulting and support for specific issues, based on
need. This support is provided by the young adult's peers in the community
and a contact person at Lamerhav. At this stage, each young adult can also
return to one-on-one mentoring until age 30.
-Alumnae Community: A social network of graduates of Lamerhav aged 30
years and older. This network provides support and networking between each

Based on this guidance and support model, Lamerhav runs 2 houses and 2 branches throughout Israel, including Lamerhav House in Hod Hasharon, which has been active since the organization was founded, and additional house, in Be’er Sheva ,  opened in 2012 in cooperation with municipal authority. Lamerhav runs two more ‘branches’ in Tel aviv and Afula.