Our Guidance and Support Model

עמותת ‘למרחב’ מעניקה לצעירים חסרי עורף משפחתי ליווי אינטנסיבי וארוך טווח בשנים המשמעותיות בחיים.

At the heart of Lamerhav’s work is a unique methodology which enables young adults to improve their lives and change their future.

The model is based on three principles:

 Long term guidance and support – over the course of eight years, during the ages 17-25.

 Personalized guidance and support – a program is individually tailored for each young adult according to their needs and ambitions.

 Social guidance and support – creating a supportive social network.

Long term guidance and support

The process consists of four stages:

  • Stage 1 – beginning in 12th grade and through the pre-military/national service induction period.

  • Stage 2 – military/national Service.

  • Stage 3 – from military/national service discharge until independence (“going out into the world”).

  • Stage 4 – graduation and going out into the world; length depends on individual readiness. Participants may take part in the program for a period of up to four years following their discharge from military/national service.

Personalized guidance and support

At each stage of the process, personalized support is offered along:

  • The personal dimension  individual guidance by a personal mentor, including building a personalized life plan, and weekly meetings at which we listen, guide, and support the participant through the process.

  • The group dimension – beginning at grade 12, participants take part in a weekly peer meeting. During the group process, they establish a social network and address personal and social issues, as well as topics relevant to the advancement of their goals.

  • The social-community dimension – Lamerhav’s houses function as a community whose goal is both internal and external social action. Program participants benefit from belonging to a community that provides individual cultural and educational enrichment, as well as from taking part, as a community, in social entrepreneurship and engagement projects.

Based on this guidance and support model, Lamerhav runs three houses throughout Israel, including Lamerhav House in Hod Hasharon, which has been active since the organization was founded, and two additional houses, in Be’er Sheva and Afula, both opened in 2012 in cooperation with municipal authorities.