Financial mentoring – more relevant than ever!

The Financial mentoring training for counselors from the South was opened in May. The training was led by Adi Landau, CFO, and Natan Gelman, the professional director at Lamerhav, as part of the learning program of ‘Working Together Initiative’. At the end, the counselors will be able to provide financial guidance to young adults.

The main goal is to reduce the anxiety associated with financial issues, to give the young adult a sense of control and ability to change, and to motivate him to reach new goals that will improve his situation.

It is good to know that in 2017, Lamerhav’s financial mentoring program led by Adi Landau, was opened. Adi provides personalized guidance and support, and conducts meetings and online chats for Lamerhav’s young adults on various topics: living on a budget, debts, workers’ rights, credit, savings, etc. The various sessions focus on providing information, training and tools to help the young adults deal with economic challenges. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, this is more relevant than ever.

Thank you for the opportunity, Eretz-Ir, that runs and manages the ‘Working Together Initiative’!