Always Together :Completing Stage One Alongside the Coronavirus

This week, the Stage One young adults in Beer Sheva and Hod Hasharon have completed an annual emotional process:

Lamerhav House in Hod Hasharon:

With a little sadness and a lot of excitement, the Stage One young adults (before the military service) met yesterday in Lamerhav House in Hod Hasharon for one last activity summing up a meaningful annual group process. After many months of Zoom meetings, everyone showed up to a farewell activity, during which they sent out balloons and wishes for the coming year. It was emotional, joyful, fun and also delicious, with Lamerhav Hod Hasharon’s flagship dish: ‘Yali’s schnitzels’.

Fifteen 12th grade students from various youth villages in the area have completed Stage One, but are also on the verge of a personalized and group process that will last for many years in Lamerhav.

Dear young adults, we are as excited as you are. May all your wishes come true. We love you and are looking forward to seeing you in Stage Two!

Lamerhav Housed in Beer Sheva

Yesterday, the Beer Sheva Stage One group (young adults before the military service) completed a meaningful chapter in the Lamerhav program. We were quite lucky that after three months of Zoom sessions, the Coronavirus allowed us one last face-to-face meeting. Despite the face masks, it was an open and moving meeting, in which we summed up the past year and what we had gained from it. Each young adult revealed a card and told us where he was going from here, and about his goals for the Stage Two period (military service). 

The meeting was led by the social work students, who are in the practical training phase, together with Lamerhav’s counselor. They have all jointly provided guidance and support throughout the group and personalized processes all through the year.

Our beloved students, thank you so much for being you, for all your dedication and devotion, for having such a big heart, and for reaching out to and helping every young adult with professionalism and love. We wish you lots of success!

To our lovely young adults, we wish you lots and lots of success, may you continue to discover your inner world as well as the world outside, and may you open up your hearts and minds to all the experiences and adventures that still await you. We are looking forward to seeing you in Stage Two!