Lamerhav Association

Who We Are:

Lamerhav was founded in 2001 with the vision of bringing about comprehensive social change through multidimensional, intensive, and long-lasting intervention in the lives of young Israeli adults from low socio-economic backgrounds who lack a family support network, with a view of helping them break through the academic, professional, and social glass ceilings they face, and ensure their integration into Israeli society as active and independent citizens who contribute to that society and themselves act as agents of social change.

Recent News

World Refugee Day 2021

One of the young adults that I work with, Louie, is a professional marathon runner. This year, he fulfilled the qualifying criteria, and flew to compete in the Tokyo Olympics as part of the UN Refugee Team.


Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva is open

Lamerhav House in Be’er Sheva has moved to a new and magical apartment, just a few blocks from the current location.
All this could not have happened without the help of the young adults of the Hadar Sufa Preparatory Program, who devoted an entire day to good deeds, came to hear about our work and helped us in the packing and transportation operation.


Distribution Point for Lone Soldiers in Beer Sheva

Even during the coronavirus lockdown, Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva remains open and serves as food and product distribution point for lone soldiers. Though all our activities have moved online, the ‘Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin’ in Beer Sheva is now operating within Lamerhav House, and remains a center that provides services to lone soldiers in Beer Sheva.


Stories From Our Graduates

This may sound as a cliché, and probably most of us, if not all, reply with the same simple word: “a home”. This is the place where the heart and mind can be brought as they are, without a sense of shame or fear of being judged.l

Lian Mishayev

Lamerhav to me is like winning the lottery. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Lamerhav is one big family that only knows how to give and give, embrace and love, support and guide, and most importantly, accepts you as you are! How did you get to Lamerhav and what is your first memory from the program? I think that I arrived to the program in 2004 or 2005, two years after I made Aliyah. My instructor from the “Naale” program heard about the program, and so I came to the sorting reviews. My first memory of Lamerhav,

Lena Shenmesh Rifkin

Lamerhav was a place where I could be at the center. A place where I felt that I could evolve in the direction I wanted to go, and yet, explore other possibilities in a containing environment. Lamerhav was a fun place, a place where I could just hang out on the lawn or on the couch, play the guitar and enter into philosophical discussions with the other counsellors and young adults around. Lamerhav was a place of discussions, and arguments and compromise and agreement, almost every emotion in the range of emotions came up at one time

Gil Tankus – My Lamerhav experience