צוות מוביל - מנכ
Meiri Ben-Sasson

Meiri has headed Lamerhav since 2009. Previously he served as CEO of Keshet, a network of schools integrating religious and secular students, and as CEO of Aluma, the Ministry of Education department in charge of teacher-soldiers and the national service authority. His academic background includes both history and Jewish thought, as well as an MA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem’s Schwartz Program in Non-Profit Management. In his previous positions he similarly led organizations dedicated to promoting values and community engagement. Meiri sees Lamerhav as a groundbreaking organization in the field of supporting at-risk young adults, one which should expand the scope of activity hand-in-hand with sister organizations and governmental agencies.

צוות מוביל - נתן גלמן
Natan Gelman
Professional Director

Natan holds a BA in sociology and art and an MA in immigration and social integration studies. He is also a group facilitator and personal coach. He has been Lamerhav’s professional director since 2010, as well as a founding member and chairman of the National Forum of Organizations for At-risk Young Adults. Natan believes that another generation of at-risk young adults is not inevitable.

Adi Gal
Director of Development

Adi is a clinical social worker, MSW, licensed psychotherapist, has been running Lamerhav’s Hod Hasharon House since 2015, and manages the program’s national selection process. Since joining Lamerhav in 2003 she has guided dozens of at-risk young adults through a meaningful process spanning their last year of high school through their graduation from the program eight years later. Adi feels a sense of pride and fulfillment in taking part in Lamerhav. She’s thankful for the opportunity to help more and more young people participate and grow through this program and believes that everyone needs to be seen and guided at critical junctures in their life: “I’m glad that this program exists and enables young adults to feel loved and a sense of belonging. I believe in the organization, its staff, and the young people who take part in it.”

Leah Goeppinger-Levy
Leah Goeppinger-Levy
Director of Resource Development and Partnerships

Leah holds an LLB from the Hertizlya Interdisciplinary Institute and a BA in History from Smith College. She joined Lamerhav’s team in 2018. Leah has been a professional writer and consultant in the not-for-profit sector since 2001 and has worked for a number of Israeli organizations in various fields, including youth at risk, women’s rights, education, Jewish renaissance and pluralism, shared society, health and more. She strongly believes in the importance of transparent and close partnerships between organizations, the government and donors and their role in building a strong society in Israel.

צוות מוביל - עדי לנדאו
Adi Landau

Adi holds an LLB and a BA in accounting and economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an LLM from Bar-Ilan University. She has over 18 years of experience in auditing businesses and nonprofits, as well as performing company analyses, financial feasibility studies, and providing financial consulting to companies and self-employed individuals in various industries. Adi has been Lamerhav’s CFO since September 1, 2016, where she leads budget planning, cashflow management, resource revenue projection, and the financial management of the organization’s partnerships with various donors and governmental agencies. She believes in the power of financial planning and education for all – from Lamerhav’s participants to the organization as a whole.

Hod Hasharon 

צוות מוביל - רות ברוך
Ruth Baruch

Ruth is a personal counselor, group facilitator, and lead coordinator for selection and onboarding at Lamerhav's Hod Hasharon House. She holds both a BA and a clinical MA in social work from Tel Aviv University and has experience in working with youth in therapeutic-educational settings. Ruth has been a counselor at Lamerhav since 2014 and really enjoys the privilege of working with the participants.

צוות מוביל - טלי דיין
Tali Dayan

Tali has been a personal counselor and group facilitator at Lamerhav's Hod Hasharon House since 2014. She holds a BA in social work from Tel Hai College and is working towards an MA in clinical social work at Bar-Ilan University. Tali is the coordinator of the military/national service phase of Lamerhav’s program, and also runs a short-term, one-on-one counseling project utilizing horseback riding.

מור אלקובי - צוות מוביל
Mor Alkobi

Mor holds a BA in psychology, modern Jewish studies, and Israel studies, and is currently studying for an MA in clinical social work. Her experience includes work in youth educational-therapeutic settings. Alkobi is a personal counselor and facilitator of the military/national service phase at Lamerhav's Hod Hasharon House, and coordinates the social aspects of the center’s programs.

צוות מוביל - שלי זיסר
Shellie Zisser Muskal
Office Manager Hod-Hasharon

Sheli holds a BA in social science. She joined Lamerhav as manager of the Hod Hasharon office in April 2017 and really connects with the organization’s mission and enjoys the meaningful work there.

צוות מוביל - אביטל פרידמן
Avital Friedman

Avital holds a BA in psychology and in social work, and an MA in clinical social work. She also works with mindfulness techniques, positive psychology, holistic therapy, and EMDR therapy. Her experience includes working both one-on-one and with groups of youth, young adults, and adults. She wholeheartedly believes that given sufficient investment, effort, and belief in oneself, almost anything is possible. She is a personal counselor at Lamerhav's Hod Hasharon House.

צוות מוביל - נועם אלקנה
Noam Elkana

Noam holds a BA in behavioral science, and both a BA and MA in clinical social work, with a specialization in children and youth. His experience includes working in therapeutic settings and as a child and youth psychodynamic therapist. Noam is a counselor at Lamerhav's Hod Hasharon House.

Beer Sheva

נתנאל חדד
Netanel Hadad
Director of Lamerhav Be’er Sheva House

Netanel holds a Clinical MSW from Bar-Ilan University and since 2006 has been working with at-risk children and young adults as well as in the field of out-of-home placements. His previous positions include managing emergency child protective services, heading the professional staff at a boarding school for at-risk kids, managing a center for assistance to victims of sexual assault, and managing a treatment center boarding school for Be’er Sheva youth. Netanel joined Lamerhav out of a deep commitment to the importance of the continuity of treatment concept in supporting at-risk youth and young adults who lack a family support network. He believes strongly in young people and that the connection with them has the power to create the space for personal and social development and growth.

michelle tal
Michelle Tal

Michelle is a personal counselor, mentoring Lamerhav participants during stage 3 of the program in Be'er Sheva, and coordinates stage 2 (military service). She is also lead coordinator for selection and onboarding at Lamerhav. She holds a BA in Social Work from Ben Gurion University. "I have worked for two years at a start-up center in Be'er Sheva, which provides services and response on various issues to young adults aged 18-35. In recent years, I have worked as a coordinator of employment courses for youth at risk. I have accumulated experience in various projects that dealt with individual and group youth counseling."

צוות מוביל - אנה חיה מושינסקי
Anna Chaya Mushinsky
Office Manager beer sheva

Anna is 36, married to Daniel, and is the administrative coordinator and supervisor at the Be’er Sheva Lamerhav Center. She is a graduate of “Betzefer”, the Israeli advertising agencies academy, with a concentration in marketing and advertising, as well as of Shenkar College, where she studied graphic design. Anna works hard to provide a warm and supportive atmosphere for both participants and staff. “I believe that through the right counseling and guidance it’s possible for Israeli young adults to realize their potential and expand their abilities, and that is why I support and participate in creating the kind of place that helps drive them to succeed.”

Avital Rubinstein

Avital is a personal counselor and lead coordinator of the “Partners for the Road – Be’er Sheva” program. She holds a BA in social work with a specialization in youth studies from Ben Gurion University, and is experienced in working one-on-one and with groups of young adults, focusing on the prevention of risky behavior and drugs and alcohol abuse.

צוות מוביל - דוד אברהם
David Avraham

David is a counselor and coordinator for selection and onboarding at Lamerhav’s Be’er Sheva House. He holds a B.Ed. from the Open University. For the past several years, David has been acquiring additional experience working in post-hospitalization settings and with special needs youth in mainstream education.


roni yovel
Roni Yoval

Roni is a personal counselor in Afula. She coordinates the National Service program. She holds a BA in Psychology, and Counseling and Human Development from the University of Haifa. She has extensive experience in counseling and mentoring children, youth and young adults in educational, rehabilitative and therapeutic settings. "I Believe in the kindness of each of the young adults, and am grateful for the opportunity to take part in the wonderful processes that the organization facilitates and promotes."

צוות מוביל - זאב בורצ'וק
Ze’ev Borchok

Ze’ev is 34, married to Galit and father to Asaf and Aviv. He holds a BA in psychology from the Open University. He has been working with youth populations for ten years and believes every young person deserves a chance to thrive. “A child needs even one person who believes in them, and I believe Lamerhav gives every person an equal opportunity to believe in themselves. I’m happy to be part of a program that accepts the ‘Other’ and gives them a chance.” He is a personal counselor and group facilitator at Lamerhav's Afula House.

צוות מוביל - אלעד יוסיפון
Elad Yosefon

Elad holds a BA in informal education and land of Israel studies through Beit Berl College and is a certified tour guide. He joined Lamerhav’s Hod Hasharon House as a student and today is a personal counselor at Lamerhav’s Afula House.