Who We Are

Lamerhav was founded in 2001 with the vision of bringing about comprehensive social change through multidimensional, intensive, and long-lasting intervention in the lives of young Israeli adults from low socio-economic backgrounds who lack a family support network, with a view of helping them break through the academic, professional, and social glass ceilings they face, and ensure their integration into Israeli society as active and independent citizens who contribute to that society and themselves act as agents of social change.

The Challenge

Thousands of young adults in Israel lack a family support network. Young people from dysfunctional or unsupportive (emotionally or financially) families, or those who have been placed in out-of-home care (state boarding schools or foster care) reach the age of 20 and exit all frameworks including army service and civil service.  They find themselves on the outside of the educational and welfare systems. In the absence of assistance and support, these young adults face difficult odds in trying to achieve their potential and break out of the circle of poverty in Israel.

Our Solution

In the last 20 years, Lamerhav developed and refined in depth, long-term mentoring of young adults without family support, aged 20-30. The program is based on introducing a serious adult figure (‘Melaveh’) into the lives of these young adults without family support who provides guidance and mentoring on a wide range of all-encompassing facets of life.

The introduction, and subsequent impact, of this Melaveh is based on trust and security. The process is built together with the young adult and is designed to meet his/her personal goals and needs. This requires taking into account the young adults past, current needs and challenges and personal mental resources. Eventually, theywill take responsibility for their lives with a positive, independent world-view that
includes a map for achieving their personal, professional, emotional and social goals.

“I feel proud of and enjoy taking part in Lamerhav since 2016. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help more and more young people participate and grow through this program. I believe that everyone needs to be seen and guided at critical junctures in their life, and I’m glad that this program exists and enables young adults to feel loved and a sense of belonging. I believe in the organization, it’s staff, and the young people who take part in it."
Netanel Hadad
Lamerhav Houses
years of guidance and support during a key time of life
of Lamerhav graduates served in the IDF or national service programs
of Lamerhav graduates have pursued academic education

Utilizing a unique model for guidance and support, Lamerhav works with about 450 young adults in Israel, ages 17-25, who lack a family support network. Every year 70 new participants join the program, which has over 200 graduates. Additionally, through a wide range of activities and partnerships, Lamerhav affects change for hundreds more similarly situated young adults.