Lamerhav Staff’s Preparation Days: Beit Daniel 2020

The entire Lamerhav staff gathered for two days of preparation and thinking at Beit Daniel in Zichron Yaakov. Once a year, the team members from all houses and programs across the country, gather for an opportunity to meet and enjoy mutual learning and renewal. 

Toether, we put a spotlight on the challenges of the coming year, came up with groundbreaking ideas and thoughts for improvement, and learned about the innovative changes and processes in the organization. We also discussed the pros and cons of the digital tools and means in the field of young adult mentoring, and how to adapt these tools to the counsellor’s daily work.

The two days were dedicated to fun activities, alongside group learning and think tanks, aimed at creating different models for using digital tools in working with young adults.

This is a great opportunity, to pause once a year, enjoy the sense of togetherness and the amazing community that was created for a common cause. We continue to improve and innovate in our task of providing guidance and support to young adults without a family support network.