Lian Mishayev

This may sound as a cliché, and probably most of us, if not all, reply with the same simple word: “a home”. This is the place where the heart and mind can be brought as they are, without a sense of shame or fear of being judged.l

Lena Shenmesh Rifkin

Lamerhav to me is like winning the lottery. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Lamerhav is one big family that only knows how to give and give, embrace and love, support and guide, and most importantly, accepts you as you are! How did you get to Lamerhav and what is your first memory […]

Gil Tankus – My Lamerhav experience

Lamerhav was a place where I could be at the center. A place where I felt that I could evolve in the direction I wanted to go, and yet, explore other possibilities in a containing environment. Lamerhav was a fun place, a place where I could just hang out on the lawn or on the couch, play the guitar and enter into philosophical discussions with the other counsellors and young adults around. Lamerhav was a place of discussions, and arguments and compromise and agreement, almost every emotion in the range of emotions came up at one time or another. It’s difficult to summarize in a paragraph “what Lamerhav is to me” – perhaps because it is impossible.

Mor Sasportas

My name is Mor Sasportas, I’m 28, I hold a BA in Behavioral Sciences and I am a personal coach, mentoring young adults, especially students and graduates of boarding schools, in the early stages of their independent lives. I succeeded in fulfilling my career dream thanks to Lamerhav and the team that were an anchor […]

Ella Zhitomirsky Hemi

My Name is Ella Zhitomirsky Hemi, I’m 33, married to Yaniv and mother to Yuval (5) and Idan (2). I am an educational consultant and a doctoral student at Bar-Ilan University, aspiring to become a teacher and do research in the academic world. I arrived at Lamarhav after graduating from high school in 2002, and […]

Nili Jazara

My name is Nili Jazara, I’m 29, currently at the end of my BA studies in the Government and Politics track, combined with Beit Berl and the Open University. These days I am finishing my work, after three and a half years as a counselor of a shelter (“Diurit”, as part of the “Otot” association) […]

Temesgen Sanbato

My name is Temesgen Sanbato, I am an operational chef at M25, a theater actor and a graduate of Lamerhav. The story of how I got to Lamerhav is a special one, that will always be a part of my life. I arrived at Lamerhav thanks to an incredible woman called Michal Matos, who worked […]

Guy Bavian-Danks

My name is Guy Danks, I’m 35, and I have been living in Las Vegas, USA, for the past 10 years. I am married to Dustin, and am the mother of Emma (4) and Harrison (2). In Israel, I studied at the College of Management in Rishon Lezion and hold a BA in Business Administration. […]

Michael Beck

Michale Beck, a Lamerhav graduate, is studying sculpting, painting and drawing at Bezalel Academy and is still debating his direction in the art world. “It’s very dynamic and evolving”, he says. “I’ve been in boarding schools since age 5, and that was really my starting point and my grasp on life and has given me […]