Ella Zhitomirsky Hemi

My Name is Ella Zhitomirsky Hemi, I’m 33, married to Yaniv and mother to Yuval (5) and Idan (2). I am an educational consultant and a doctoral student at Bar-Ilan University, aspiring to become a teacher and do research in the academic world.

I arrived at Lamarhav after graduating from high school in 2002, and received support and counseling during the period that encompasses my enlistment, military service, discharge, the beginning of my academic studies and going out into the world as an adult. I feel that Lamerhav’s team provided me with an anchor and guidance that I needed at that time, and enabled me to develop in the right directions for me. I especially remember that when I moved to a new apartment during my army service, Shula and the team arrived especially with a table and kitchen utensils, which my roommate and I did not have. I particularly remember how astonished I was that they took the time to come specially for me, that I mattered enough, so that they would make the effort and take interest in me. I think this is the essence of what I got at Lamerhav – they gradually managed to convey the feeling that I was significant, and thus enabled me to develop.