Nili Jazara

My name is Nili Jazara, I’m 29, currently at the end of my BA studies in the Government and Politics track, combined with Beit Berl and the Open University.

These days I am finishing my work, after three and a half years as a counselor of a shelter (“Diurit”, as part of the “Otot” association) in a project that provides housing for up to one year for young women without the support of a family. As part of the process, the young women undergo counseling in a number of areas, such as integration in educational institutions, employment, financial education, assistance with various organizations such as the national Insurance Institute, legal aid, welfare services and referral to therapeutic bodies, such as relevant professionals, individually for each young woman.

At the same time, I manage a restaurant in Hod Hasharon. I am also working on establishing an association for mixed families (Muslim-Jewish-Christian), which will provide psychological, legal and communal responses to families in need of help and counseling. This issue is close to my heart because I myself come from a mixed family – a Muslim father and a Jewish mother. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we are a country that excels in technology, military, health and education, it is evident that we are far behind in terms of accepting the other. I truly hope that I will be able to realize my vision and even make a change.

During my seven years in the Lamerhav program, it has helped me greatly in my personal development and growth. Even today, about two years after graduation, it continues to be a significant part of my life and is present in the decision-making process and the stages of achieving my goals, shaping my inner and personal identity and widening my circles, made up of people, who mentored me, served as role models and made me the person and counselor that I am today. The organization was my basis and pushed me forward to self-fulfillment that in the past was only a dream.