Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva is open

Good news!
Lamerhav House in Be’er Sheva has moved to a new and magical apartment, just a few blocks from the current location.
All this could not have happened without the help of the young adults of the Hadar Sufa Preparatory Program, who devoted an entire day to good deeds, came to hear about our work and helped us in the packing and transportation operation.
Neither the heat, the haze nor the stairs, prevented them from embracing our organization, and at the end of the day, we were left with an empty house but with a full heart.
We are still busy cleaning, arranging and organizing, but… We are excited to share that Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva is open!
The scholarship recipients from the lone soldiers club also joined the work, and in one a hard day, managed to create a homey and cozy new club that is now waiting for the young adults, lone soldiers and the whole team.
We are so proud of them for their diligence, hard work and amazing results.
Thank you so much!