The Power of a Community: Renovating the Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva

The staff and young adults at the Lamerhav house in Beer Sheva have recently had an exciting experience. About six months ago, the renovation process of Lamerhav house began, and in June we started the renovation itself, with the help of 10 amazing female designers, who volunteered for the project, and about 40 professionals, volunteers, donors, employees and young adults who took part in this amazing project. With the help of the local community that was happy to lend a hand in the long days of painting, cleaning, dismantling, assembly and hard work, and with a lot of donated equipment, Lamerhav house became new, more homey and pleasant.


The new house was inaugurated in an emotional and moving ceremony, as the young adults took an active part of a community effort that made their second home a pleasant place to be in. But more importantly, we learned that there are many good and kind people, who gave and donated without even knowing our youngsters and without any reward, and this in itself, is an experience that will remain forever in our youngsters’ hearts, long after they will get used to the transformation.


We would like to thank all the volunteers, donors and partners in this amazing project – thank you for your generosity, kindness, patience, and especially, thank you for helping us to create a meaningful experience.


Thank you, the talented designers that have been with us every step of the way: Shani Cohen, Oranit Elias-Markowitz, Galia Bruck, Dorit Zonshine, Dava Teitz, Dana Sharbaf, Noga Parshani, Adi Sagi, Ronit Shakarchy and Sarita Peled. 


Thank you very much, Omer Cohen, Michal Sametz, Andrey, Oshik Levy, Lee Dorfman, Ilanit, Yonat, Iris, Zohar Weitz, Amir and Shay – for the long hours that you spent working with us.


Our deepest thanks to all the following: Liran for helping with the woodworking, Yoram Tamsut and Nadav Ohana for the synthetic grass, Tzachi Siegel for the wooden planks outside the house, Michael Nagauker from “Tut Etz” gallery and “Felix & De Vries Home Styling Ltd” for the styling, Nadav from “Hakol Te’ura” for the lighting fixtures, Na’ama Chopin Leibowitz for the TV table, Jojo Haliva for the installation of the shelves, Kobi Lugassi and Eitan for the electrical works, Michael Yifrah from “Quattro Design” for installing the parquet and the curtains, Liat Madar from the “Armon Bachol” nursery and Amir Avdat from “Hakfar Ha’hadash” nursery for the plants and seedlings, Max Sartayev, CEO of “Tambour”, and “Nadir Color Industries” for their contribution of paints, Katya from “” for the shading, Tehila for the donation of the table and “Hinoma” halls for the chairs and tables, Adam Efrat from “The Butcher’s Furniture” for the furniture, Ofra Ben-Natan for the paintings, Smadar Doron from “Hafatzim Bateva”, and to Shaked from “Five”.


Last, but not least, special thanks to Revital Amar from “Quattro Design” for helping with the parquet and the curtains, for connecting us with the other partners, who joined us, and for the active and amazing support throughout the project.


Additional thanks to Assaf Shiber, a contractor from “A.S. Shiputzim,” who helped us with the plaster works, assisted with many repair jobs and supported the renovation project through all the way.


Our heartfelt thanks to all of you, our dear friends!