Lamerhav Alumni Community: The Year That Was

This has been a significant year for the Lamerhav alumni community and they have much to be proud of! The following is a moving update from the Lamerhav alumni chairs group.

Our alumni community is growing and developing. With every year that passes, more young adults complete their journey with the Lamerhav program and venture out on their own, with a rich toolkit and extensive life experience. The Lamerhav alumni community brings together all program graduates from the various houses, and creates a social space and a safety network where each contributes to others from his or her occupation, hobbies and experiences. We let one another have a small taste of the fruits growing on the personal tree blossoming in each individual garden.

Last year marked a significant leap forward, and the community accelerated its growth to reach new dimensions. Here are some of the key moments and events of the alumni community in 2018/19:

·         An alumni meeting took place where we charted together a new path for the community. Following the meeting, we created a contact list with groups according to areas of professional and leisure interests to further strengthen social relations.

·         Contacts and acquaintances were made with the alumni from all houses through a joint WhatsApp group.

·         The alumni Facebook group was renewed, with new contents, including a live video format of Lamerhav alumni, where each time individuals present themselves and their daily activities and talk about how we can cooperate in the community.

·         A group of alumni chairs was created to coordinate community activities and meetings.

·         We began holding bimonthly social meetings of the alumni community and our families, as well as content meetings based on individual member needs.

And we also have a new logo!

We are an amazing community and we want to pursue this wonderful activity and invite all of you Lamerhav graduates, recent and senior, to raise ideas and suggest new initiative and be part of a powerful and enriching community. The Lamerhav graduates who will venture out in the following weeks are more than welcome to join the community today, at[LINK].