Career Day 2019

Lamerhav’s third annual career day was held at Lamerhav Hod Ha’Sharon house, hosting professionals from various fields, speaking about the way they have undergone, their professions, achievements and mistakes, and conveying messages that are important to receive from people with experience.

We hosted Ella Mendelson, human resources manager at Wix, who shared tips from the field with the young adults. We heard from Shay Somech, a practical engineer who has his own app company (and even built the YNET app), and met Ben Glezen, a mechanical engineer who, despite his low grades, used his networking skills to meet people and advance, and is currently a machine inventor. We heard from Doron Amit, an actor, who chose a challenging and financially insecure, yet satisfying, path. We heard Neta Reem, an educator who studied politics and government and now works for the “Educating for Excellence” organization, choosing a path of finding meaning and value in her work. And finally, we were happy to hear Vladi Palatnikov, a graduate of Lamarhav, who shared with the young adults how significant the program mentoring was for him and advised them to invest their utmost in mentoring, in order to make the most of it, to advance and to develop. Vladi, who studied mechanical engineering, is currently a safety consultant and recently opened an independent business.

Participants enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and for dessert, the “Matok Vahetzi Netanel Jorno” company donated a stand for preparing a Belgian waffle on a stick. Finally, there was a raffle, in which one of the young adults won a pair of high-quality headphones and a tablet, donated by Arik Sela.