“Young Adult Migration” Seminar at the Ruppin Academic Center

Last week, a seminar was held on the subject of “Young Adult Migration”, in cooperation between Lamerhav and Th​e Institute for Immigration and Social Integration at the Ruppin Academic Center. The day began with greetings by Shula Mozes, founder and chair of Lamerhav, and Dr. Nivi Dayan, Head of The Institute for Immigration & Social Integration. The greetings were followed by sessions on various fascinating topics, including: the challenges of young immigrants in Europe, young immigrants with no families in Israel, identity and sense of belonging of young immigrants, illness and treatment of young immigrants, immigration and integration among those who leave the ultra-orthodox communities, lone soldiers and graduates of the Na’aleh program.

Dr. Dayan spoke about the seminar in an interview on the ’24 past day’ program on ‘Galei Tzahal’, hosted by Tali Lipkin-Shahak.