Training Course for Professionals Working with At-Risk Young Adults Ended Successfully

At the end of July, the third cycle of the training course for professionals working with at-risk young adults ended. The course is the initiative of the “National Forum of Organizations for At-Risk Young Adults” and in partnership with Lamerhav, the Yated national program for at-risk young adults at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, and JDC-Ashalim. The course was attended by 30 employees from various associations and organizations, working with young adults at-risk. For six months they were given tools and skills to work with young adults, while integrating academic knowledge, peer learning, and being in close contact with what is happening in the field.


The course is part of a broader activity of the Forum in training and continuing education programs, which took place this year, including:


  • Managers course – training middle management in organizations working with young adults at-risk. The course focused on management skills, developing the concept of a managerial role, management in a social organization, managing employees in a changing environment, and so on.

  • One-day training courses throughout the year, on various subjects such as: physical and mental health of young adults at-risk, the Yated National Program, mentoring during the military service, separation and completion (how do you end a mentoring process?).


We invite you to stay up-to-date on courses and continuing education programs at the website of the “National Forum of Organizations for at-Risk Young Adults”, and “Lamerhav” page on Facebook.