Talking to The Point: Young Adults Talking About Employment

Recently, our young adults from the mentoring program for young asylum seekers, have been preoccupied with thoughts about their professional future. They did not think that there had been any possibilities for them out there. This led to a unique online meeting.

In the meeting, young skilled professionals talked to other young adults about professions, studies and big dreams. The speakers talked about the challenges, benefits and the choices. It was a meeting of talking straight. This meeting enabled the young adults to discover a variety of professions, such as: gardening, football coaching, design, hairdressing and more. The young adults were given the opportunity to ask questions, and also contact those whom they had found interesting and ask for their assistance. This is truly an efficient professional network.

Thank you, dear volunteers and Asya, our coordinator, who initiated and organized everything ❤️

The mentoring program for young asylum seekers is a joint venture between Lamerhav and Advocate Jean-Marc Lilling. It was launched because it became clear that many young adults from this background need guidance and support, yet there is a significant shortage in solutions in the field. The objective of the program is to provide guidance and support to the young asylum seekers in the country, to boost their powers, promote them and enable them to acquire a profession that will help them cope optimally in Israel and anywhere in the world, and to constitute an independent autonomy. This mentoring program is a groundbreaking program and the first of its kind.