Shula Mozes spoke at the International Conference of the Jewish Founders Network

“If someone had ever turned to me and asked for my help, I would have looked at him and asked: ‘what do you want from me? Nobody ever helped me, so why would I help you??… 

But then I came across Lamerhav, and met so many people, who wanted to help me, and really did. They saw me and really listened to me. This is how I learned that the word “to give” can also have a positive meaning. These people are doing so much good in the world… I suddenly wanted to be a part of them, to make the world a better place.”

Shula Mozes, Lamerhav’s Chairperson and Founder, has taken part at the International Conference of the Jewish Founders Network 2019, and told about the activities in Lamerhav, her personal acts of giving and about one young adult, who has particularly moved her. Shula takes part in various forums dealing with young adults, and is a member of JFN and “Committed to Give”. In 2012, she was awarded the Midot Seal of Effectiveness (Midot is a non-profit organization that strives to promote effectiveness and impact by rating NPOs), and in 2018 the “Presidential Award for Volunteerism”.

we thank JFN for the privilege  to tell the public about young  israeli adults that lack  a family support  network.

you are e welcome to watch the video!