One Big Happy Family: Seminar at Lamerhav House In Afula

Last weekend, the young adults of the Lamerhav House in Afula went on an annual seminar designed for the participants of all stages. The seminar is an annual highlight event in the counselling process, as the summer marks the transition between the various stages in the program, and also serves as an opportunity to celebrate the end of the joint annual process.

45 young adults and staff members went on a significant two-day trip to the north of Israel and stayed at the Hermon Field School. The school is located in a forest of Mount Tabor oak trees, and offers wide lawns and many guest rooms, and is found within walking distance from the ” Nahal Hermon Nature Reserve” where the young adults hiked (and enjoyed the cool water of the stream).

Over the weekend, the young adults went on hikes, and took part in creative “team spirit” workshops and sessions that allowed them to go back to their childhood. The young adults enjoyed the wonderful drawing workshop led by Carmel Bomard, in which they explored the “world of color” and found out that basically anyone can paint, and all they need is a brush and a supportive group of friends. They also took part in a relaxing mindfulness workshop that provided them with tools for a peaceful, stress-free life. They spent the rest of the time together, enjoying the atmosphere, the cool water, the excellent food and the company, which is actually one big family.

Such a weekend is not possible every day. It is an opportunity to pause, meet those whom you do not see every day, share experiences and create exciting memories. Every participant has contributed to creating this memorable event. Thank you all!