Meet the Staff: Zeev Borchuk

Meet zeev Borchuk.

Zeev is an activity coordinator and counselor at Lamerhav house in Afula. He is married and the father of Asaf and Aviv. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the Open University. He has 10 years of experience as an instructor at WIZO Nir Ha’Emek youth village, and 5 years at Lamerhav as a counselor and activity coordinator. Zeev’s decision to work at Lamerhav stems from the experience he has gained working with youth without a family support network, as well as from his overall view of the needs of youth village graduates, who remained with no clear direction after graduation.

Zeev’s guiding principle in the mentoring process is to give every young adult a real opportunity to believe in himself. The mentoring approach is individually tailored. Zeev believes that the program accepts the other and gives room to the personal story, alongside the difficulties and powers of each and every one.

Several questions to help us get to know Zeev better:

Why Lamerhav?

“For many years, as part of my work in a youth village, I would send the graduates to “Lamerhav”. I saw how Lamerhav had helped them to become the person that they wanted to be, and so, working here seemed like a natural and fitting step.”

What do you like about your work?

“I like the ability to take part in the lives of the young adults and to help them advance themselves in the path they choose.”

What do you consider a success?

“Success is when a young adult sets himself a goal and then achieves it. Success is when a young adult realizes that everyone is given a choice.”

What inspires you?

“My children are my inspiration. I believe in the saying ‘love your neighbor, even if he is not like yourself.’ This is most definitely the case at Lamerhav!”