Lone Soldier Center in Beer Sheva: A Unique Collaboration!

Welcome to Lamerhav family!

Last Friday, the ‘Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin’ has moved to Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva. The Center will work in cooperation with Lamerhav House, and will provide services to lone soldiers in Beer Sheva. The Center will serve as a home and an address for every lone soldier.

During the week, the soldiers can drop in for talks with the professional counselor, and on Fridays they can spend time with the staff of volunteers, and enjoy hot meals, coffee and pastries, various activities, enjoyable company and various facilities, such as washers, dryers and a printer.

This initiative enables our young adults and the entire population of lone soldiers in the Beer Sheva area to take part and exercise the range of services available in the urban sphere and to maintain consistent support in the best possible way.

It is also good to know that since the coronavirus has entered our lives, the Center in Beer Sheva has been serving, once a week, as a collection point for hot meals and dry supplies for lone soldiers in active service, as well as released ones. The volunteers open the Center and distribute hot meals and groceries that were donated to the Center. During Passover, meals and food baskets were also distributed. The Center makes sure to serve as an address for the soldiers that are concerned about the coronavirus, in addition to their everyday routine worries.