Lamerhav and Ten Gav: a great collaboration!

Very recently, an important collaboration has been established between Lamerhav and Ten Gav, which is designed to help the young adults participating in the program.Ten Gav is an internet crowd-funding platform that matches donors to individuals and families with specific needs (the application is evaluated based on the recommendations of the counselling body).

The organization is committed to a 100% donation, which means that every donated amount goes in full to the ones to whom the donors wish to help.


The collaboration will focus on making meaningful connections between those who want to donate, and young adults with specific needs. The requests will be submitted by the young adults together with their counsellors, using a convenient and accessible work interface. This collaboration was created due to a comprehensive and meaningful action of Ten Gav, which places emphasis on the redirection of available resources also to the needs of young adults without a family support network, and not just families (as it has been so far).


And so, Ten Gav joins our joint journey and our central mission, which is to make a significant impact on the lives of young adults without a family support network in Israel. We are happy and looking forward to working together!