First of its kind academic conference on Young Adults At-Risk in Israel: Policy, Research, and Practice

The first academic conference focused on young men and women at-risk took place at the beginning of November under the aegis of the Department of Social Work at Ben Gurion University, Lamerhav, and the Rotem Center at Sapir College.

The conference was part of an ongoing effort by researchers and professionals to bring awareness to the complex situation facing young men and women at risk in Israel, and the expand their own knowledge in this field in order to develop solutions, community and individual services, and policy that will improve the lives of these young people. The conference created an opportunity for dialogue and exchange between researchers, policy makers, service developers, and professionals working in the field of at-risk young adults, and was geared towards creating opportunities for research and professional cooperation among the various professional disciplines.

Lamerhav live broadcast the various conference panels on its Facebook page.

Follow the links below to watch: 

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