Ester Friedman

My name is Ester Friedman and I’m a graduate of Lamerhav 2015. I joined the program thanks to my high school guidance counselor, who luckily for me, saw me, my needs, and my abilities, and believed that a supportive and accepting environment would enable me to advance to a better place in life. Over the course of eight years, Lamerhav has been my home, a source of physical and emotional security, and an amazing space where I met people who inspired and motivated me to advance and improve. Lamerhav has been, and still is, a source of warmth and love for me.

It’s incredible how far we can get when we travel through life with these feelings…

Lamerhav is where I got to know myself, learned to appreciate myself, and embarked on a path to personal fulfillment. On this journey I earned my high school diploma, completed a BA in social work, and this year began studying animal-assisted therapy. Further down the road, I plan to earn my MSW and specialize in family therapy.