Chutes and Ladders Conference

Chutes and ladders, Working Together!

On September 22nd, the Chutes and Ladders conference took place at the Lauder Employment Center in Beer Sheva. The conference dealt with the development of innovative models for the employment of young adults in the South, as part of the “Working Together Initiative (WTI), which is professionally supervised by Lamerhav. The conference was initiated by Eretz/Ir (WTI’s integrating body in the South), which also hosted the event. The conference was formed to discuss the promotion of young adults’ employment in the South in a multi-professional and multi-systemic way. This served as a great opportunity for a meeting between WTI members and young employees, who wanted to take part in a shared thinking process that will promote programs and models for occupational processes.

At the conference, we got to hear inspiring employers, organizations operating within WTI, a lecture on “Social Topography” with Dr. Meirav Aharon Gutman, and learned through working in groups about finding solutions to significant issues:

✔ Young adults wish to integrate into meaningful employment and do not succeed.

✔ Young adults leave jobs frequently.

✔ Employment social mobility barriers for young adults in the South

 The joint solutions (joint thinking products) were passed on to WTI’s development team for further discussion and implementation. This was a successful and meaningful day!


Working Together is a southern initiative, which integrates young adults into meaningful employment, which includes an employment horizon and promotion in the South. WTI is a joint venture led by philanthropists and the Israeli Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, and is supervised by Lamerhav, and Eretz-Ir as the integrating body.