Agents of Social Change

The Lamerhav organization shares the grief and pain of the Ethiopian immigrant community, on the death of the late Salomon Taka and sends its heartfelt condolences to his family.

We embrace our graduates, who speak against exclusion and discrimination, and believe in a just and moral society. As an organization that advocates equality and justice, we see our young adults as agents of social change, and influential partners in our struggle for the nature of our society.

The road to change requires perseverance, but we can all choose it. What is required is action on the personal, civil and political levels, and the use of political-social tools. But most of all, it is required that young adults be active in their world. As a society, we must learn to use the right tools to change perceptions and strive for a world where we will not allow anyone, not even ourselves, to become victims.

Yet, we condemn any form of violence. Violence must not divert public attention from the struggle for an equitable and just society.

We aspire for a time when we will live together in love, respect and fraternity.