Vocational Training and Guidance: Opening the Smartphone Course 2019-2020

On November 26th, the “Partners for the Road” smartphone repair course was opened in Beer Sheva. During the course, the teens learn how to dismantle, assemble, and fix mobile-related malfunctions. They will complete the course with a smartphone technician certificate and can later work in the field, if they wish to.

The course is part of the “Partners for the Road” program, which takes place in Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva. Alongside studies, the participants also receive group and personalized guidance and support throughout the year. The Education and Welfare Departments are the ones responsible for finding at-risk youth without family support network in the 11th and 12th grades. These departments refer the youth to an introduction day, where they receive information about the program. Then, after a personal interview, they can choose whether to join and take part in a personalized and group empowerment process.

The course takes place throughout the school year and is accompanied by a counselor, who also conducts regular social-moral group activities and provides support and guidance to the youth individually according to their needs.