Going Out into the World: A Farewell Gathering in Beer Sheva

On November 21st, an intimate and emotional evening took place at Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva. The House staff and Stage Three young adults marked the end of the Lamerhav process for six lovely young men and women.

The graduating young adults have shared their thoughts regarding the process and the completion. And then, together with the Stage Three young adults, they summed up their time at Lamerhav and moved everyone, as they were talking about the importance of the personalized and group support and guidance. At the end of the meeting, they started a new tradition, in which every young adult chooses a sentence that epitomizes the process that he has undergone, and hangs it together with his counsellor on the wall of the house in Beer Sheva, as a souvenir.

This is really not the end, but a high point in a significant personal-group empowerment process. In the Stage Three community in Beer Sheva, there are roommates, friendships and amazing ideas for future meetings.

The young adults have attested that in the past year, they have discovered the power of belonging to a group of equals, to a community, to Lamerhav community.

Lisa, Simcha, Asher, Sally, Dasha and Efrat, you may be moving on, but you are deeply rooted in our hearts. We wish you lots of success down the road!