End of Year celebration at Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva

Yesterday, we held a farewell and a year’s end celebration at Lamerhav House in Beer Sheva. This occasion provides us with the chance to look back on a busy, challenging, exciting and incredibly meaningful year. Thank you to all those, who made this year memorable!

So, what did we have this year?

Lamerhav’s core program:

Stage One – 12 young adults were mentored by 3 social work students

Stage Two – the young adults received personalized guidance from 3 scholarship recipients. All young adults are in a meaningful service at the IDF.

Stage Three – 25 young adults, 3 staff members providing personal guidance and 4 joint annual highlight events:

·         A “Master Chef” fun activity – cooking together

·         Bar talk – Noy Tzabari’s story about coping with disability

·         Improvisation show for Pourim, with Moshe Ferster and Yafit Asulin

·         A Pizza and bowling night out

“Partners for the Road” Program:

This joint initiative of Lamerhav and the Municipality of Beer Sheva comprises three stages:

Stage One – the youth successfully completed a smartphone repair course. In addition, a group of 12 graders participated in a special program called “Learning to Succeed” focusing on learning strategies. 

Stage Two – The group consisted of about 35 male and female soldiers, who met once a month for various activities: lectures, cooking, paintball, etc.

Stage Three – started its first year with 6 young adults that are mentored by Lamerhav staff members.

All stages are accompanied by a large and diverse team of 3 soldiers on their national mission stage, 2 National Volunteer Service girls, scholarship recipients and counsellors.

There are 2 more programs underway:

“Ogen La’atid” (“Anchor for the future”) – a program designed for male and female graduates of “HaOgen” community youth village. The program assists the young adults during the transition from life in the youth village to independence, and supports them during their military service in the IDF, and following their discharge. The program includes guidance, assistance and utilization of rights up to four years after discharge from the IDF.

The “Working Together Initiative” (WTI) – aims to integrate young adults into meaningful employment through individual meetings, in an employment-focused process. Participants learn to know themselves and develop their unique way in the employment world, with the personal guidance of an employment coordinator.

This is a chance to also thank the teams working at the House. Thank you to the leading team, the lovely and high-quality team that works night and day and believes in doing for the young adults. Thank you, the “young team“, the National Service girls, the social work and criminology practical training female students, the scholarship recipients and soldiers on their national mission stage, who are leaving us now, but … will always stay in our hearts.


We are impatiently looking forward to next year!