A Mentoring Program for Young Asylum Seekers

This unique program is providing guidance and support to young asylum seekers in Israel. The program assists each person individually by tailoring a focused and personalized solution. This program is in partnership with Advocate Jean-Marc Lilling’s assistance initiative.


Lamerhav wishes to expand the circles of influence, to make room for populations that do not receive adequate guidance and assistance, and to bring about a significant change in the lives of as many young adults in Israel as possible. To this end, a collaboration was established with Advocate Jean-Marc Lilling, who served for a number of years as a member of the UNHCR’s defense team (United Nation High Commission for Refugees), and is currently setting up initiatives to assist asylum seekers in Israel.

The joint mentoring program was created since it became clear that many young adults from this background need guidance and support, yet there is a significant shortage in solutions in the field. The objective of the program is to provide guidance and support to the young asylum seekers in the country, to boost their powers, promote them and enable them to acquire a profession that will help them cope optimally in Israel and anywhere in the world, and to constitute an independent autonomy. This mentoring program is a groundbreaking program and the first of its kind

Target Audience

Asylum seekers aged 20-30 from the center of Israel, having the potential to accept assistance and advance themselves, that are also committed and determined.

In the first phase, the program’s support will be offered initially to those who arrived in Israel as unaccompanied minors.

About the program

The program includes individual mentoring for about 25 young adults from the center of Israel. It will include weekly meetings, as well as the tailoring of an individual guidance program for each young adult.

The mentoring process will last about two years and will deal with, among other things:

  • Functional aspects – employment, budget management, organization skills and more. Study tracks and referrals to dedicated training courses and financial aid from additional sources will also be examined.
  • Interpersonal relationships – social and romantic relationships, systems of support and belonging in an emotional personal process: dealing with crises, identity formation, self-efficacy, perception of the future and more.

The young adults will be mentored by a full-time professional counselor. The mentor’s training is carried out by Lamerhav. In light of the program’s unique mentoring theory, the training will include regular and professional guidance by a certified instructor.