The Center for Partnerships and Applied Developmental Research

Since its founding Lamerhav has set a high bar for professional knowledge in its field. Through an extensive range of activity, accompanied by research and an in-depth study of methods of practice, the organization has accumulated unique knowledge and experience in the field of young adults lacking a family support network, all of which has resulted in the establishment of the Center for Partnerships and Applied Developmental Research.

The Goals

 Create a cross-organizational infrastructure based on knowledge sharing, in order to reach and help every young adult in Israel who lacks a family support network.

 Build and perfect intervention models for various target demographics.

 Function as a clearinghouse for information, and a training and continuing education center for professionals in this field.

 Provide the infrastructure for partnerships with other organizations and sectors, based on the belief that cross-organizational cooperation is critical for continuity of support, pooling of resources, and in leading the lobby working on behalf of this population.

Knowledge Management

Lamerhav has been utilizing an advanced CRM system (Salesforce) since 2015, which allows for tracking and oversight of each young adult’s progress at a given time, and over the course of their participation in the program. The system enables the measurement of performance metrics and research into the strengths and challenges deriving from the program and long-term processes. Lamerhav is continuously assessing, measuring, and evaluating in an effort to improve.